Since the other thread became a more 'General Money Earned In January' thread, I decided to make one between proxy owners

In this thread you can share things about your proxy earnings in January!

I'll share some of my secrets...
I made: $55,- thanks to my Proxy Yahoo Group
I made: $270,23 thanks to Google Adsense
I made: $0,- thanks to hostgator affiliate promotion on all my proxies (removing the banners now, I won't get anything from it so)
I made: $525,- by selling some of my proxies

I paid: $10,99 for hosting at TMZ (Got a bigger package though, as I'm helping TMZ at live chat etc.. )
I paid: $120,- for domains at Godaddy

This makes:
Earnings: $850,23
Costs: $130,99

Profit in January (Earnings - Costs): $719,24

Share your numbers too if possible