I'm thinking of making a proxy list. Why? Well, it's useful to end-users, proxy owners, and should pull in some income. And to me, those are good reasons! I understand that there are many lists out there, but I'm confident that I can invest the time and effort to make it into something worthwhile. However, I have a question or two.

Should I go ahead and buy a whole new .com domain name for the list? I initially thought of the idea as an expansion of runningonlinebusiness.com by making it a subdomain, but I wondered if that would turn people away simply due to the fact that it is a subdomain. It might come off as less professional or something. Now, if I use a new domain name - should it be something generic or something specific to the list?

What I mean is, do I want something with the word proxy in it, which tells people what the list is? Or do I go with a domain name that's just more general?