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  1. Proxy List Script from PointProxy

    Hi everybody,

    PointProxy Site Listing Script is a proxy site listing script developed in PHP by Zeols Team.

    Goto for Demo

    + Sell top proxy space (selected proxies) via Paypal.
    + Fully Search Engine Optimized
    + On or Off Backlink requirement to submit proxy.
    + Auto approval of proxy with or without backlink.
    + Auto approval of proxy right after payment in selected proxies via Paypal.
    + On or Off Captcha requirement to submit proxy.
    + Option to disable certain domains like '.tk' or ''.
    + Automatic Tweeting of new sites right after submitting.
    + On or Off Auto Tweet.
    + RSS Feed.
    + Proxy tagging (good for SEO).
    + Define Maximum and Minimum Tag Size.
    + Make tags attractive by setting different colors for tags.
    + Option to add/edit/delete tags.
    + Easy to add/edit/delete proxy categories (Glype,CGI,PHProxy etc).
    + Proxy sorting based on categories.
    + Proxy sorting based on tags.
    + SEO links for categories and tags pages.
    + Automatic Proxy information page for each submitted proxy (good for SEO).
    + Automatic Sitemap with Categories, Tags and Proxy Information pages.
    + Theme support. You may customize easily any css theme.
    + Hits counter.
    + Proxy site redirect waiting page.
    + Display total proxies number and total hits number anywhere in the site.
    + Display Top x number and Recent x number proxies (x=any number)
    + Proxy Submitted Age.
    + Admin Panel.
    + Easy add/edit/delete proxy sites in admin panel.
    + Full support from us at any script issue.

    Server Requirements
    + PHP
    + MySQL Database
    + .htaccess redirect (optional)

    Buy Now
    Script cost is $29.99. Now we sell at a promotional rate of just $14.99. Just Click Here to purchase.

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