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Thread: Proxy List Scripts

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    Proxy List Scripts

    Is there any cheap proxy list scripts?

    I can't seem to find any!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Szise View Post
    I did lol....I swear!

    Is there anymore please?

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    1) speedy proxies $9.95 but if you pm him on DP can get it cheaper with a coupon just search for unikscripts on DP
    2) Free one mentioned here already

    3) Then a couple beta ones which are not being given out any longer tell they are updated.

    4) The $199 dollar one which cant even be bought on his site as the links are dead and its not supported.

    5) 2 encoded ones that had been sold on DP and are encoded and not sold anymore.

    Solution higher a coder and start your own. Make it with plenty of features and people will buy it if you opt to sell it as it seems to have become a big market with 80% +/- running a warez script that is a terrible script and requires a lot of updating to make it worth using.

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    Nice I forgot about proxy promo never heard of the proxyniche one. Owner of proxy promo seems to try and give updates for his product I just never liked the fact that someones buys his script then has to buy the plugins to make the script worth while and if memory server me right its encoded restricting you to relying on him for updates or modifications.

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    Thanks guys

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    Some body please give review on speedy proxy script??

    I'm thinking about getting it if its something similar to atproxy script
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