Does anyone here run Proxy Man or another proxy management script?

"Proxy Man" is proxy sites management script that enables you to create and edit proxy sites on the fly through a single site where you control various settings inside your site like site theme, site title, meta description, meta tags, site description text, adsense ID, adsense channel, and affiliate/topsite code. All from the comfort of one page with this script you can create and modify hundreds of proxy sites very easily!

Making a profitable proxy network used to take days and weeks of your time, putting up sites one by one. With Proxy Man you can easily create hundreds and thousands of proxy sites on the fly from one page. Most users can put up a complete proxy in under 1 minute.

How Does it work?

It uses modified version of PHProxy with ability to customize it from the admin panel.
You upload the script one time to your main domain in your hosting account and park all the other domains you want to use to that main domain. Then, just log into the admin area of the script and create 1000 proxy sites on the fly without having to upload any additional files.
There is no limit to the number of proxy sites you can make with this script.

If you do run one of these scripts, how is it working out for you?