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Thread: Which proxy script do you use?

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    Arrow Which proxy script do you use?

    Just wondering which script do you guys use the most

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    Hi droidman. I'd say that Glype, PHProxy and CGIproxy are the most popular scripts.. I'm mainly using Glype.

    PHProxy has a lot of forks / versions floating around ( A2 / Sprowwl / PhpMyProxy / Proxono etc etc ) with different fixes / features added onto the original version, but it hasn't been updated since it was abandoned in 2007. While Glype was last updated in Jan 2009.

    Here's something you should be aware of if you use Glype -
    Protecting Glype log files from unauthorised access

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    Glype is the script that's used the most these days from what I see. I'm going to start a few proxies too and will definitely choose Glype
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I use Glype and it has good support

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    i use Glype also, it has a nice admin panel, how ever am liking phproxy more and more been that it is open scorce

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