View Poll Results: Which Proxy Scripts Do You Run?

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  • CGIProxy

    0 0%
  • PHProxy

    4 30.77%
  • Glype

    10 76.92%
  • Surrogafier

    1 7.69%
  • Zelune

    0 0%
  • Happy Proxy

    0 0%
  • ASProxy

    0 0%
  • Another public proxy script

    0 0%
  • A proxy script I coded myself

    1 7.69%
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Thread: Which Proxy Scripts Do You Run?

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    Which Proxy Scripts Do You Run?

    Which proxy scripts do you run your proxies with?

    I'm uploading proxy themes and I'm try to decide which proxies to focus on.

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    Glype FTW!

    It's the best one


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    I use phproxy myself but i changed it so the normal templates would not work so not much point in me voting

    Its fairly easy to convert the templates over so upload away

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    I run glype script on my network.. really easy to manage...

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    Currently running Glype. Used to run on PHPProxy

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    I use mostly PHProxy, and the odd Glype. Glype is the most popular at the moment.

  7. Proxy Script's ???

    What proxy script are you currently using and what are your views so far..??
    had any bad experiences or any problems occurring?
    please share your views

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    Glype is the one I'm using and it's the best one
    I got problems with Glype and Adversal, so I might change some proxies to phproxy again...

    But Glype is #1 proxy script

    |Nico Lawsons

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    I've used both Glype and PhProxy. Glype is the big daddy, but PhProxy is very easy to set up. Also there are tons of free templates for PhProxy.

    Glype has the admin.php page, which makes it easier to change stuff which requires you to directly edit files in PhProxy.

    I first started off with PhProxy, it's a good foundation to start learning proxy web mastering. However, I soon moved to Glype

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    This might give a little more help with your quest for a proxy script

    So far glype is holding its own if it can resolve its parsing issues.

    Reverse IP Check ಠ_ಠ Proxy Sites
    <?php if ($youask == 'stupid question') { echo ('stupid answer'); } ?>

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