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Thread: proxy submiting script

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    Exclamation proxy submiting script

    hey everyone i am thinking of a proxy submitting script to be custom made for all the tech-faq proxy lists.

    it will be web based and a selector system to choose the sites you want. is everyone here interested?

    if so do you think $0.50 is a good price per proxy(every site)

    many proxy's submitted at one click.


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    Pretty good idea, though I prefer doing it manual.. that makes sure the proxy is submitted

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Plus, by offering such a service, you are causing content duplicity between Will's topsites. Not helpin'.

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    a previw of the list will be shown

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    design document has now be submitted to the php coder so i am waiting for a reply extra features that i have included are registration to all the sites. so that you can have all the same passwords and all the same user names to make it easier when using the script, tech-faq coupon support, removing sites from the list. tell me what you think of the update i am waiting for the price to come though, if it is cheap then i will heavily reduce fee to use. i am only charging because i am going to be paying for the script, little donations will get admin rights (use the site free ...)

    anyway comment

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