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Thread: Proxy website question

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    Proxy website question

    I want to enter into this business. Have some question for other pro proxy owners.

    1. Which script to use for creating a proxy site?
    2. Whats the best site?
    3. How much investment is required?
    4. Is it good to create a site or buy one?
    5. Promoting your site?

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    1. Which script to use for creating a proxy site?
    I use glype script for proxy sites

    2. Whats the best site?

    I didn't understand your question, best site of what?

    3. How much investment is required?
    - Hosting prices starts from approximately $5 and up, make sure to read some reviews before choosing your host since there's a couple of hosting that will just be a waste of time. Obviously start with something cheap and reliable, no need to start with 200 gb bandwidth when you'll probably be using the first months around 10 to 30gb. As the proxy grows then you upgrade your package.

    - Domain starts from 0.99 for infos to 7.00+ .coms

    - Promotion, there's a lot of free methods, and even a lot of affordable promotion which are completely worth such as the ones I've provided below from my article Top proxy lists.

    4. Is it good to create a site or buy one?
    If you're just starting is better to build one yourself because it won't cost you nothing, it's very easy and it only takes less than 3 minutes + a few more adding some plugins. After you've earned some descent money you may start investing it into already made proxy sites which are already monetizing well.

    5. Promoting your site?

    Here's a few methods from my website: 10 Free Methods To Promote Proxy Sites & Proxy Lists and if you would like to take a look at one of the top proxy lists take a look here: Top Proxy Lists.
    If you would like to learn more about the proxy business check out Ultimate Proxy Guide ebook published by Zash. Matter of fact there's a contest at that is offering a free copy of this ebook to one lucky winner HERE. In case you don't win, buy it, it's completely worth.

    Any other questions, I'm sure members like aquarezz, webevader, mrbill, zash, will, and many others will have more helpful tips. I think I covered everything, good luck!

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