Proxydirectory.net is a free proxy list with the points system you can list your site in the premium proxy, which allows you to get more traffic to your site. But how can I make these points???

It's easy, with the invitation of other people you have 2 points for each valid entry (valid email and of course a valid proxy for your guest) and the guest will also be 2 points in the balance. And that's not all, with a total of 20 clicks (20 Hits) on the links of your guests, you get 1 point.

If you reach a threshold of 20 points you will be able to rank your site in the premium for a week. Taking an example:
You have 10 people registered by you, 2 points for each entry, for a total of 20 points, and each was 2 clicks for each link by inserting these people thus:

2pts * (10persons) + 1pts * (2cliques * 10 persons) = 40 points equivalent to 15 days in the list feature.

It's great; no!!

So what are you waiting! Create an account, invite your friends and you will have days in the premium list for free.