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Thread: ProxyKey Affiliate Program

  1. ProxyKey Affiliate Program

    I ran across this by accident and I have not tested it at all, but...

    The ProxyKey Affiliate Program might be interesting.

    Basically, you get $6 for selling a $6.95/mo paid proxy service.

    This might be a useful monetization method for free proxies.

    Has anyone tried this (or similar) programs before?
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    Few folks on DP tried it and bailed out rather quickly as it wasnt worth trying to push since people are not looking to pay to use a proxy when there are always free ones. Was good idea but would require a large amount of proxy owners to change the tide and go to a paid system. Guy who owns it seems like a good person with some nice sites.

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    good idea but the user of a proxy never wants to pay to use it. so...

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    I added it to my proxylisting and it sent out over 4000 visitors to it but still my affiliate account at proxykey reflected a big zero so i vacated the slot. lol

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