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Thread: ProxyNoid's and x Proxy Host's Proxy Hosting Contest is coming in Feb

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    Lightbulb ProxyNoid's and x Proxy Host's Proxy Hosting Contest is coming in Feb

    Guess what guys!

    ProxyNoid and x Proxy Host will be offering an amazing contest for all of the proxy webmasters community within the next month (February).

    This contest will give to the winners’ not just one or two but FOUR different prizes multiplied by TWO. That’s in total 8 prizes. Multiplied by Two because there will be 2 versions of this contest, one for the current x Proxy Host customers and one for the non or in other words for the general public.

    Each prize will be consisted of credits in the x Proxy Host billing system and ProxyNoid credits. You can use those credits for proxy hosting and for certain other services at x Proxy Host and for proxy advertising /promotion, creating advertising cpm based campaigns at ProxyNoid.

    Just to give you an idea about the prizes, I am just going to mention that the grand prize will be $29.99 of hosting credits and 100 ProxyNoid credits.

    This is the biggest contest offered by us yet with more than $500 value of prizes.

    The only requirement for you to get into this contest is to have a free account at

    The full contest details will be posted here soon

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    We're feeling generous and we want to introduce a contest that will be more organized than the last one. There will be over $100 in free hosting given away.

    The hosting credit can be used for any hosting plan, extra MySQL databases, extra add-on domains, and certain other add-ons. The credit can not be used for IP addresses, domain registrations or SSL certificates.

    The two prize groups are separate. You cannot win in both categories, only one or the other. The prizes will be the same for both categories. Anyone currently hosting at x Proxy Host is automatically entered into the "current customers" group, so there is no need to sign up. There will be an e-mail blast with more information in the future. There is currently no exact date set. More details will be posted as they happen.

    For everyone else, just sign up at ProxyNoid and you'll be entered into the "general public" group.

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    The official start date will be Feb. 15, 2012.

    If you sign up at you will be entered into this contest automatically.

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    More official details and rules have been posted here: Huge Proxy Hosting Contest with 8 Prizes

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    The winners in the "current customers" category have been randomly selected and e-mailed!

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    With permission from the winners, their sites will be announced here

    The second prize winner: Nite-Shift
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    Here are the four winners from the "general public" category:

    1. First place goes to Ryan a.k.a fitzle
    2. Second place goes to Suman a.k.a EmonAzad
    3. Third place goes to Chris a.k.a shravanij
    4. Last but not least, the forth place goes to July

    The winners will receive an email with all the information about their prizes etc.
    Congratulations to all four of you!

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