Zash recently made me aware of a problem with one of the anti-spam mechanisms in the proxy lists.

The problem occurred because we upgraded to a slightly never release of Apache and the syntax for mod_rewrite changed slightly.

m42 figured out the problem and provided a fix for our mod_rewrite code.

Unfortunately, we had recently turned off some of our other anti-spam measures as part of our efforts to troubleshoot the intermittent MySQL connection issues. The end result is that the proxy lists were very open to spamming for a few weeks.

A couple of individuals took advantage of this opportunity. I've removed and banned their domains from all of the proxy lists.

Everything is back in order, but this causes me once again to revisit the idea of restarting the counters for the "popular proxies" lists.

Unless I hear a good reason not to, I will probably do this one week from now.