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Thread: Script to throttle traffic

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    Script to throttle traffic

    My server is being abused despite the protection in place. I thought the script slowing down bandwith for a user might help.

    Where is this script, can't find it. Seen here in the context of geoIP.


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    If you have a server running Apache you can use mod_bandwidth or mod_bw. If you are on a shared hosting account you should ask your hosting provider if they have it or if they are willing to install it.

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    If you manage your own server you may want to take at HTB/qdisc. Here's a informational link: 7.*Classful Queuing Disciplines (qdiscs)

    If it seems like something you'd want to try, try googling for some howtos. I've used it on a server before that has gotten very close to it's monthly alloted bandwidth. You can do anything from limiting bandwidth on ports to single IPs - all the way to turning your 100Mbit server into a 5Mbit server for a few days.
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