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Thread: Somthing For you to think about

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    Somthing For you to think about

    i was reading about what everyone was earning and its all around $100 i was thinking, i am the same

    i have many proxy's and i keep adding but it does not go up at all really

    is there a maximum about an ad sense can make and can you get 2?

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    There is no maximum. Owning a proxy, just like any other website, is all about creativity. If you confine yourself to AdSense, you will not make much and if you get banned, then good bye.

    You need to try out different ad networks, sell your own ads, find ways to make money outside of ads, there's lots of different thinking involved if you want to get far in the proxy business.
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    You can host as many proxies as you want but keep one thing in your mind: Keep Experimenting with Ads Placement!

    Your best placement for this month wouldn't necessary be the best on your next month. WHY? Because your user is used to see the ads and they were all immune with it.
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    i just dont know what to do next, i have ideas about a new type of proxy list but i am not sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumpylumpy View Post
    i just dont know what to do next, i have ideas about a new type of proxy list but i am not sure
    Like others have said, monetize with Adbrite and Adversal. Move the Adsense ads around a bit. I like to swap out the entire template from time to time. It spooks your users into a clicking frenzy! LOL

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    hehe just got a cutom theme made see if that makes the diffence Proxy God

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