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Thread: SOPA - The end of proxies in the USA ?

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    SOPA - The end of proxies in the USA ?

    Anyone else been keeping an eye on the drama, political corruption and overall madness of the pending SOPA bill ?


    Hollywood's New War on Software Freedom and Internet Innovation

    In this new bill, Hollywood has expanded its censorship ambitions. No longer content to just blacklist entries in the Domain Name System, this version targets software developers and distributors as well. It allows the Attorney General (doing Hollywood or trademark holders' bidding) to go after more or less anyone who provides or offers a product or service that could be used to get around DNS blacklisting orders. This language is clearly aimed at Mozilla, which took a principled stand in refusing to assist the Department of Homeland Security's efforts to censor the domain name system, but we are also concerned that it could affect the open source community, internet innovation, and software freedom more broadly:

    * Do you write or distribute VPN, proxy, privacy or anonymization software? You might have to build in a censorship mechanism — or find yourself in a legal fight with the United States Attorney General.

    * Even some of the most fundamental and widely used Internet security software, such as SSH, includes built-in proxy functionality. This kind of software is installed on hundreds of millions of computers, and is an indispensable tool for systems administration professionals, but it could easily become a target for censorship orders under the new bill.

    * Do you work with or distribute zone files for gTLDs? Want to keep them accurate? Too bad — Hollywood might argue that if you provide a complete (i.e., uncensored) list, you are illegally helping people bypass SOPA orders.
    * Want to write a client-side DNSSEC resolver that uses multiple servers until it finds a valid signed entry? Again, you could be in a fight with the U.S. Attorney General.

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    Some more news on SOPA :
    A SOPA compromise is floated

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    I have nothing against USA but that sounds so controversial to me. How is it possible for the land of "freedom" who is against the censorship that countries like China, Iran , Iraq etc are forcing on their citizens , to come now and censor the whole internet? Hmm weird, but that's just me and my no-sense thoughts lol

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