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Thread: Spring Break USA

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    Spring Break USA

    Is spring break over as yet?

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    I didn't know it'd started yet. I always thought it was around Easter time but that's not for another month or so yet, April 22nd - 25th. Later that week (April 29th) is a royal wedding too (Prince William & Kate Middleton) so the end of April will be slow. The Monday after that is May day bank holiday in the UK.
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    In the USA the schools are going through Spring break sessions right now. Spring break week is a different week for different schools in different areas of the country. My wife works for a college in Phoenix and their Spring break was two weeks ago. My sister works for a school in Chicago and their Spring break is next week.
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    I think Spring break should run all of the Spring Season We should have the Summer off as well, along with that Winter is to cold to work leaving just Autumn/Fall and in that season we have Halloween and Thanksgiving with a few others.

    So work days should be about 30 days a years at best.

    Who's with me

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    Thanks people!

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