Just got notice yesterday that my Adbrite account as been disabled and all earnings forfeited. The reasoning stated is "invalid clicks or impressions". I asked for clarification or any additional information and got a response back that basically only said 'we use a proprietary system to track ads and it flagged your traffic'. I only used Adbrite on my proxies (for the past 1+ year) so I can only assume their system is not happy with proxy traffic lately and I got the boot.

Luckily Adbrite was never that high an earner for me so I'm only out around $20 from this period.

Now to find me a new income source, what are you using these days on proxies? Specifically on proxified pages.

I already use Adsense (homepage), MediaShakers, and Adversal.


Oh, and please don't spam me with "Sign up under me in Smowtion and receive 80%" , etc garbage. You can tell me your experience with any company, just don't spam me with promotions.