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Thread: Is it still worth it the proxy business?

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    Is it still worth it the proxy business?

    I dint do much with my proxies sites like Unblock blocked websites with web proxies. Is it still worth the time to start some proxy sites these days?

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    Quote Originally Posted by proxydude View Post
    I dint do much with my proxies sites like Unblock blocked websites with web proxies. Is it still worth the time to start some proxy sites these days?
    Hi there,

    I have submitted a couple of proxies these days to, your referenced site. However, I noticed the most recent proxy approved dates 09.03.2010.

    If proxies don't get approved then proxy owners will not submit fresh proxies, and proxy users will walk away from your site due to the lack of fresh proxies.

    Back to your question: I think the market is over-saturated, but innovative proxy list owners approving proxies may be still be successful, especially when the domain name is very good or branded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Habaku View Post
    the market is over-saturated
    Thats what i was thinking. I dont think there will be a period when its not tbh.
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    The one thing that I can say is not to follow the crowd. People everyday are complaining about proxies dying and earnings going horribly down, but I am not seeing that. It’s because I experiment with new ways to get traffic, ways to advertise, and connect with my users (I actually run surveys occasionally that yield around 400 responses or so). Overall, I work hard on my proxies.

    Toplists are not the way if you want to succeed. Toplists provide at most 100 visitors, and you’d be lucky to get a few cents from that. Stop wasting your time, and try doing some SEO. It’s a lot more permanent and gets you more visitors in the long run.

    Also, don’t go for free templates on a long term proxy. They have been seen too many times, and users are blind to them. Learn some HTML, or get somebody else to make you a template. It’s not too tough.

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    The proxy list sites can stil earn good money i think but not the web proxies.

    All proxies got accepted now and some not. Because they had no ssl or youtube supported Do not use that option if it does not work!

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  7. hell ya its still booming

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