Given my research over the last week I've come to these conclusions.

  1. Use Glype, this is because PhProxy no longer has continued support.
  2. Grab hosting with MonsterProx, simply because I've seen them recommended more?

MonsterProx + Glype = Super Proxy Network?

The proxy script is not the real main issue, as that can be changed easily. However I want a solid hosting company as changing hosts, well screw that for a laugh.
From the looks of things MonsterProx looks a lot more established than TMZ, however I know there are people on these forums (aqu ) who have close connection with TMZ. I'm all for supporting the community!
But as it stands I'm on the verge of opening an account with MonsterProx, unless you lot can give me some other options or personal recommendations.

P.S. I'm looking at around 10-15 proxies to begin with.