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Thread: Vectro / x Proxy Host Server Performance

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    The billing system failed to send several invoices this month. Several late invoices have been sent today. The issue with the scheduled task that sends invoices has been resolved.

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    The problem with CloudFlare enabled sites showing 406 errors has been resolved. The problem stems from some of CloudFlare's IP addresses having ended up in the Spamhaus blocklist. The Spamhaus list is loaded into mod_security to block known sources of spam. All of CloudFlare's IP addresses have been added as exceptions to mod_security to resolve this on Vectro / x Proxy Host servers. Hopefully, CloudFlare and Spamhaus will work to resolve this obvious misunderstanding. This is most likely happening to other companies who use both.

    The problem with YouTube not loading via Glype will be resolved with a server upgrade and migration. There is no time frame for this yet, but a migration is needed.

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    The 'Agrestic' and 'Centurion' servers have both been merged into a new server named 'Prometheus'. The new server has 2 of Intel's new Xeon processors. Each processor has 6 cores for a total of 12.

    If your proxy site had trouble playing YouTube videos, they should now play.

    There is a new cPanel address. Open a support ticket if you need it.

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    Some domains seem to have outdated secondary DNS information from several years ago when a third party DNS service was used. The records with that service no longer exist. If you're still using in your domain, you will need to change your DNS servers to the following:

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    Some sites hosted at Vectro / x Proxy Host are currently down. Part of the datacenter is offline because of a power problem. There is no ETA but it will be fixed as soon as it can.

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    The portion of the network which was down is now back online.

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    There was a DNS error which caused some domains to only load from secondary DNS, but not primary. This has been resolved now and all domains are functioning correctly on the primary DNS server.

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    There were 3 hours of downtime on all servers yesterday due to hurricane Sandy causing problems with some of the providers in New York who service the datacenter.

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    The memory on the 'Stuff' server has been upgraded from 24GB to 34GB.

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    The 'Alien' server has been upgraded. The motherboard has been replaced and more memory has been added.

    New CPU: Intel Xeon CPU E3-1230 V2
    New CPU Speed: 3.30GHz
    Total Memory: 16GB

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    In the last 2 weeks, the memory on the Prometheus server has been upgraded twice. The first upgrade went from 32GB to 36GB. Then second upgrade went from 36GB to 40GB.

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