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Thread: Vectro / x Proxy Host Server Performance

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    New security rules have been added to all servers. If you notice any new errors on your website, they might be false positives. Please open a support ticket if you experience this.

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    Today, many nuisance IP ranges which were causing problems on the servers have been blocked. In the process, some of the CIDR ranges which were blocked prevented some legitimate connections. The servers may have appeared to be down to certain parts of the world. This has been resolved now by removing the erroneous IP ranges from the block list while still managing to keep most of the recent bad traffic off of the server. No e-mail notice was sent because various ISPs have been mistaking our announcements as spam.

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    New memory has been added to the 'Alien' server for a total of 24GB.

    VPS for websites and proxy sites will be available in a month or less by request.

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    Railgun has been added to speed up sites that use the CloudFlare cPanel plug-in. Any sites that activate the plug-in are automatically connected to Railgun.

    The 'Stuff' server is closing down in the near future and all customers with the 'Proxy Professional' package will be moved to a new server in the coming weeks.

    High end VPS packages for proxy sites and non-proxy sites are now available after popular demand.

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    There have been a few changes lately:

    • The new server is online and all users with the 'Proxy Professional' package have been moved to it.
    • The billing system was also moved to a new server. In the last 24 hours it might have been inaccessible to some. This is because of time it took for the DNS change to propagate.
    • The VPS plans have been upgraded to allow more CPU access per container.

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    The maximum allowed number of hosting packages on the Prometheus server has been decreased to reduce load and cut back on random delays in PHP processing. New hosting packages will be added to the 'Memento' server because it is currently undersold.

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    The CPU limits on all VPS plans have been increased again, this time by +500 for everyone. Disk I/O limits have also been increased for the 'Awesome', 'Supreme' and 'Ultimate' VPS plans. The price remains the same.

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    RBL has been removed from mod_security in Apache. The lookup time was slowing down web server performance. With RBL, the average response time was ranged from 10 to 30 seconds. After removing it, the speed improved and now averages between 1 and 6 seconds. Multiple tests were performed using and This change has been made to all shared hosting servers and pre-configured VPS. The RBLs have been moved to the firewall because it's faster and keeps load off of the web server. There are also fewer RBLs in use now.

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    • After a recent Apache/PHP upgrade, eAccelerator began causing fcgid errors and down websites which showed error code 500. eAccelerator has been disabled temporarily. It will be re-enabled when it is fixed as there are sites which rely on it.
    • The price of memory limit add-ons for shared hosting plans has been drastically reduced.

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    Minor changes have been made to the termination and refund policy: Vectro Web Hosting 30 day money back refund policy

    New dedicated server and VPS customer will only receive a partial refund if terminating the account within 30 days. This is because any related costs paid to our software vendors or ISP are excluded from the refund.

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