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Thread: Vectro / x Proxy Host Server Performance

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    Vectro / x Proxy Host Server Performance

    I have been working on the servers for the last couple of days. This is what has been done so far to increase performance:

    • Scaled daily backups to weekly (all 3 servers)
    • Changed extracpus setting in cPanel config to reduce the amount of resources consumed by statistics processing. This may cause some stats to be backed up by 24 hours on some occasions, but it's better than slow servers (all 3 servers).
    • Disabled PHP error logging on 'centurion'. This had already disabled on 'agrestic' and 'stuff' some time ago.
    • Located sites using inappropriate amounts of resources and contacted the owners.
    • Placed hourly limits on the number of MySQL requests per account.

    These steps have reduced the strain and cut back on random load spikes that cause lag. There will be a 4th server online in the coming days and some accounts will be moved to it. That should be the final step in stabilizing the servers.

    People are very happy with the hosting and the orders have been pouring in. I am doing everything I can to accommodate everyone.

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    The hard drive in the 'Agrestic' server was beginning to fail. The data from it was copied to another hard drive. There is also added swap space on the new drive to prevent memory overloads which were causing lag during random load spikes.

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    'Agrestic' had to be taken down again for nearly 3 hours this afternoon. This time a lot of hardware was replaced.

    Apache and PHP on 'Centurion' have been recompiled with GD, gettext and TTF support. Now Captcha will work on proxy lists and other sites.

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    Full backups have been scaled down to incremental backups. Now only files which have changed will be backed up instead of all files.

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    'Agrestic' server had too much I/O wait. 1 GB of RAM has been added for more disk cache and less I/O wait.

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    The hard drive on 'Agrestic' has been replaced with an enterprise drive to speed up disk caching and other disk operations. The 48 hour test shows the server is remaining stable.

    DNS records for users on 'Centurion' are out of sync. Some domains only have a primary DNS entry, but not a secondary. DNS synchronization will occur tonight EST (Sunday).

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    All accounts on the 'Centurion' hosting server are going to be migrated to Core2Quad hardware. There have been some 'Internal Server Errors' showing on PHP pages on that server because it has become busy. There is a temporary fix in place as of a few days ago. The accounts will be migrated in the next 24 to 48 hours. Please open a support ticket if you have any questions.

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    The migration of the Centurion server is complete!

    Statistics programs (AWStats/Webalizer/Analog) have been disabled by default on all servers because not everyone uses them. If you have been using stats and wish to continue, log into cPanel and click 'Choose Log Programs' under the 'Logs' section.

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    Vectro server uptime is monitored by a 3rd party. There has been some falsely reported downtime in the last month because of a problem with 3rd party DNS. The biggest impact was on the 'Centurion' server and the counter for it has been reset. All name server is now being done locally, which should improve the accuracy of the uptime reporting. Please know that the uptime percentage on the website is being incorrectly reported as lower than it actually should.

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    The Centurion server had a memory upgrade today. 1GB was added. It now has a total of 5GB. The server will be monitored throughout the day and if needed, more memory will be added.

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