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    With the recent downtimes over and over again at TMZ (I don't blame them, but I'm sure they could do something against it as they did something against it before...)

    But I'm considering buying a VPS over at WDServers, though, would this be enough for 200/300 proxies?
    VPS Plan 512
    * 512MB RAM
    * 50GB Hard Drive
    * 20 Mbps = 6000GB Bandwidth
    * $59 /month

    Bandwidth will be enough I'm sure, if bandwidth is full I can just start redirecting some traffic to

    Though, is that enough RAM for all those proxies? I don't think so...

    And cPanel isn't delivered with that so is there some other option than paying 425$ for one year for cPanel?
    Can you pay monthly for example etc?

    Thanks for all answers in advance!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I don't think you'd have enough RAM to run cPanel and 300 proxies let alone just 300 proxies. I'd personally want at least 1-2GB.

    You can buy cPanel VPS licenses for $15 a month.
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    If the proxies are receiving good traffic will not be enough, Cpanel will use half of the RAM the rest will remain for the proxy sites. Use LXadmin for example.

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    Well, it is just to start... I can upgrade later on if I want

    But what do you guys suggest me? For dedi or VPS? I might sell some hosting too, I know tons of owners who would buy from me so

    |Nico Lawsons

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    I'm going to get that too, but I'm also getting a RAM upgrade. So that is a good server if you upgrade the RAM to 1024MB.

    Also, if you can live with LxAdmin, go for it. It's honestly not that big of a deal. LxAdmin also uses up ten times less RAM than cPanel, so there's a little help right there
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    If you seriously want speed (100Mbit), I'd recommend getting Pro VDS #1.

    If you could live with a 10Mbit, I'd recommend getting a dedicated server - Server #1.

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    I would recommend you go for Lxadmin as i have an vps with same config but i run Rapidshot service on it and believe me Cpanel sucked whn i first bought it so i shifted to Lxadmin . though mine vps is unmanaged

    Lxadmni comes pre installed with Lighttpd you can use it too over apache to get but of free extra ram

    But i think you would require a gig of ram atleast

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    Thanks for comments, but for my proxies.. I'm doing something like here:

    Will this stuff work too on lxadmin? And is it as easy to add domains etc? Is it just like cPanel but smaller? Has it awstats to it or not?

    |Nico Lawsons

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    RAM will not be enough another problem you may face is CPU load on the vps. WDservers may suspend the vps for causing to much load on the node.

    Trying looking for a dedicated server you should find something under 70$ mark.

    For a vps you will need at least 2GB minimum RAM for 300 proxy sites maybe 2GB still wont be enough.

    I found LXadmin and apache work well together.. don't go for cpanel.

    In the end it all really depends how much traffic they get... LXadmin is pretty easy to use.

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    The following question should be what VPS provider to choose ? FDC is expensive. Wdservers as well.

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