With the recent downtimes over and over again at TMZ (I don't blame them, but I'm sure they could do something against it as they did something against it before...)

But I'm considering buying a VPS over at WDServers, though, would this be enough for 200/300 proxies?
VPS Plan 512
* 512MB RAM
* 50GB Hard Drive
* 20 Mbps = 6000GB Bandwidth
* $59 /month

Bandwidth will be enough I'm sure, if bandwidth is full I can just start redirecting some traffic to proxb.com...

Though, is that enough RAM for all those proxies? I don't think so...

And cPanel isn't delivered with that so is there some other option than paying 425$ for one year for cPanel?
Can you pay monthly for example etc?

Thanks for all answers in advance!