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Thread: Wait for Adsense before promotions?

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    Wait for Adsense before promotions?

    I have 20gb 200gb proxy hosting from
    Setup 10 domains - Network.
    Waiting for adsense confirmation, how long take it? Do they accept proxy?
    Do i begin promotions now or wait to have adsense ON?
    Can you advice my proxy network.

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    Proxy sites aren't the best for applying for Adsense with. The Google Adsense program requires 'quality content' (their words) and free domains are also not recommended. They ask for aged sites at least 6 months old, and unique content that has value for the visitor. They have numerous help pages and blog posts that state this. Apparently one way to do it is to start a blog and add to it regularly, even a blogger blog will do. You might also be invited to take part in the Adsense program from YouTube videos you upload. Once you have your Adsense account then you can put the code on any website you have, as long as it complies with their (strict) requirements, including proxy sites.

    As for promoting your proxies you'd be better to wait until you can monetize properly. Adsense on the home page and Adversal on the proxified pages. Adsense isn't allowed on proxified pages so you can't use it or your account will be banned. If you promote them now you won't earn any money from them and by the time you get Adsense (if you do) then your proxies will be way down any lists submitted to and most likely already blocked by the filter companies, so won't get enough traffic to make any money from. You could use another ad network to start with if you're impatient to get going, you don't want to be providing a free service and getting nothing in return, you'll still have costs so you should try to recoup some of them at least.
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    i Have applield with adsense directly with proxysite and got accepted.
    What to not do for dont get adsense banned on proxy.

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    Only ever put Adsense on index page, then make sure it complies with their policies: AdSense programme policies - AdSense Help is a good start.
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    So i think im ok with their policies : AdSense programme policies - AdSense Help.
    I seem heard before proxy get adsense banned for obscure reason. There is exception to know about proxy and adsense?

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    Don't use copyrighted names for the domain name or page url, especially Google owned names like YouTube. Google don't ban for no reason at all, they just don't spell out the reason very clearly. Be VERY careful what you link to. They have too many rules for me to post here, just do some reading, and read everything they say then do it. Proxies are nothing special, they are just websites to Google like all other websites, follow their policies and you should be OK. I won't make any promises because I'm not Google or a company representative, just follow their rules. Google is the Daddy, if you disobey they will spank you. Resistance is futile
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    "Google is the Daddy" "Resistance is futile".
    Is That normal i get shitty ads like dating,forex...
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    Quote Originally Posted by maximumproxytk View Post
    Is That normal i get sh*tty ads like dating,forex...
    Different people will get different ads in different parts of the world, it's based not just on site content but on what other sites have been visited by the user as well as where they are. It's contextual plus geographic and targeted. I see ads there for unblocking drains, network management, servers and vpn's along with Google Chrome. It will vary for every visitor.
    But it doesn't matter what the ads are for if it's making you money
    If I can't be a good example, I'll just have to be a terrible warning...

  9. Thankyou all, I was just wondering should I risk my adsense account and this clarified things a lot. I just registered 3 domains and I am total newbie in proxy business.
    So next I check that adversal and read all night, this place is a treasure!

    Btw. my proxysite is I would greatly appreciate if I could have your feedback. I am trying to figure out best ad placement and the template is not ready yet. So please visit and give feedback. Thanks in ad

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