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Thread: What's Wrong with my Proxy Layout - Google Warning

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    Exclamation What's Wrong with my Proxy Layout - Google Warning

    I seek your advice because I have received a warning by AdSense:
    Google AdSense: You have 3 working days to make changes to your site:

    Violation explanation: FORMAT MIMICKING see Ad placement policies - AdSense Help

    2 weeks before they sent me warning for the same site:

    Violation explanation:

    I am not aware of having done anything wrong ... The sample URL where the policy violation occurred is
    PHP Code: 
    Actually, this is an error message which occurs when there is an invalid URL entered in the surfbar of my proxy When that happens you are being sent back to the home page of my proxy.

    When I received the first message by the Adsense team I appealed and never heard back from Google. Ad serving was not disabled. Now, after the 2nd message (has a different policy violation reason) I made some slight changes to the ads around the surfbar where visitors enter the address of the website they want to visit my means of the proxy.

    1. Do you have any idea what's wrong with the layout of What could be seen as FORMAT MIMICKING?
    2. What (else) would you do if you were in my shoes?

    Attached an image of the surfbar neighborhood before the change I made last night.

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    Google Search and AdSense both have so many misunderstandings over Glype because of how it parses things. The Glype developers don't do anything about it and Google doesn't do anything to gain more of an understanding of Glype. I think people should ask the Baron to have his programmer change the error messages when incorrect URLs are entered. Common hostnames used by AdSense should be placed in Glype's blacklist by default. Glype should also automatically have nofollow and noindex on all proxied pages to avoid content owners from thinking Glype is a scraper when a proxied pages gets indexed by mistake. Those three fixes would prevent a lot of AdSense issues for a lot of people. I'm just unclear how much the Baron cares about outside feedback from the community versus his rigid agenda.

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    I quit the proxy niche.

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