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Thread: Where to promote a proxy list?

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    Where to promote a proxy list?

    Can anyone provide me with a list of some good places to advertise a proxy list? I was thinking specifically maybe some student forums that you have used in the past. Just want to get a little boost in exposure for my proxy list.


  2. #2 ? That is the best way to get a lot of visits...
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    Thanks, WebEvader - but I meant promoting a site with a list of proxies, not individual proxies themselves.

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    Yea, Thats what I meant. You can advertise your lists at I am doing it.

  5. #5 is overpriced...

    20$ for one month per site.

    There are more site where you can get more traffic for 5-10$

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    @ GrilledChicken, How would you know if is over priced ? Have you used it ?

    No, therefore you don't know. The fact is that I have been using them, and they have been giving me a constant flow of quality traffic which services worth $5-10 wouldn't.

    Quality is more important than quantity... It is more important to get traffic that pays back the cost of promotion ( Which has ) than get 200,000 visits which doesn't convert.

    The fact is that I care about the traffic which my site is sending, that is why I am promoting my Proxy List at sites like so that the level I have set is maintained.

    If my site was just sending out traffic from Iran, China etc... then no one would buy my services and my list wouldn't be worth anything.

    Sometimes you actually have to pay a to get on top. ( Ps, $20 is not much at all for what you get from )

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    Hello WebEvader

    I have tried their service before, thats how i know about their price.

    I tried for one month and i felt it was all waste...

    It didnt even convert 80% of my 20$ spent on it..

    Most traffic came from China...

    May be their traffic has gone better now, but i don't recommend for going for it...

    Can get alot more better services for 20bux

    By the way, do u get traffic from uk and canada?
    What i know, domain is banned in UK.

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    @ GrilledChicken - I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get your ROI. Obviously you haven't monetized your site enough.

    Also the top two countries of the traffic sent has been US and Canada. 71% of the traffic originates from European and North America.

    When did you buy a promotion from them ?

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    This thread does have some sensation going on :P

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    I haven't tried but I might if for no other reason than as an experiment to see if it's worth it. I do know that many proxy lists also accept other lists. You can check to see if the submit page has a 'category' pull-down menu. Sometimes 'list' shows up in the menu. I would also recommend posting it in the marketplace section of some forums (like this one) which allow it. If it's a new list start off not requiring a backlink just to get some sites listed first. After it gains some popularity start requiring one. The linkbacks from other lists will help your SEO because they are highly relevant.

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