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Thread: Who is your Proxy Host and what is your review?

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    Who is your Proxy Host and what is your review?

    I have been using Tech Entrance for a while and they are decent. Although one issue I believe is happening is that their Name Servers have been blocked by some of the big filters, because anytime I launch a new Proxy it is blocked by Websense, automatically.

    So I am looking for a new Proxy Host that hopefully has some 'stealth' name servers that have not been blocked.

    So who is your host, and how do you like them? Do you seem to be having the same problems as me when it comes to Proxies getting blocked immediatley?

  2. I'm currently hosted with TMZ and I'm pretty annoyed with them. I'll try O2 Proxy Host next, if I can get shell access there. Without shell access it just takes too long to manage proxy sites.
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    I've been having some server issues and can't figure them out for the life of me. I took my more important proxies and moved them over to o2 proxy host and I'm pretty happy so far.

    Absolutely no complaints.
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    I currently use my own VPS. I was planning on offering proxy hosting actually...but I decided that I should try hosting normal websites before I get into the more resource-intense proxies.

    By the way, if anybody needs a host, I can offer it.
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    Im also with tmz. Like Will I was looking for a new provider but they proved determined to keep me as a customer, so for the time being im satisfied.

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    I'm also need of proxy hosting, confused which one to take,

    I'll wait someone to review o2 proxy host
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    I am hosted with O2 Proxy hosting.
    Just launched my First proxy site and took O2 Proxy hosting as the first choice.
    Lets see how it goes

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    I dont use a designated proxy host. I have a dedicated through fdcservers and am very pleased to date with the up time. With the proxy season coming up very soon I would suggest looking into a dedicated this will help in the long run as you sites will stay up and you control your own server loads. Well worth the extra money spent if your sites to become and remain popular.

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    I have my proxies on my VPS. satisfied with the result till now.

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