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Thread: Why is my Proxy Displaying PSA's (Public Service Ads)?

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    Why is my Proxy Displaying PSA's (Public Service Ads)?

    Hi all.
    My proxy always show PSA if traffic from US.But if from other countries not showing PSA . So my earning decrease lately because most of my traffic from US and no one click on my ads.
    What happen? Is my proxy IP banned? Do i need change IP?
    Anybody can help me to explain what happens?

    Thank You

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    Whag does PSA mean?? What is PSA spelled out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Habaku View Post
    Whag does PSA mean?? What is PSA spelled out?
    Public Service Ad by Google Adsense

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    You can get PSA's if there are no ads corresponding to your content. You can also get them if you've got too little content.

    PSA's are also likely to show, if you use "bad" words in your content.

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    because you are not have content or keywords in head section.

    in future write a small article or put keywords in head section so adsense can target traffic related with your sites.
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    Content is King my friend.
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    It is sometimes because google hasnt crawled the page , or ur adsense accnt is banned?

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    add a description to your proxy and some meta tags that should solve your problem

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