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Thread: Why are proxy owners doing this?

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    Why are proxy owners doing this?

    Noticed in the past week that more and more proxy owners submitting their proxies to my proxy list do this:
    Since they have to reciprocate and put my proxy list anchor text and url on their proxies, they are
    using the tiniest damn fonts found!
    Yes, look at the bottom and no one can read what is there!
    See this proxy for an example:

    My question to proxy list owners is this:
    Do you still allow these proxies on your list or do you delete them?

    Myself, I am starting to delete them as the proxy owners who do this are really not playing by the rules of reciprocating!

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    Its done so no one clicks them and you louse traffic. also some just dont like the look of them, but in a tiny fount with a dark background its All most invisible.
    now that's just why i my self would hide links, others may have other reasons - Free support, coding, active proxy list and more.... - Start your own or try one out, or submit your proxy to the list.
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    To hide the links so no one clicks them. is not even the real domain for that site. It's one of those proxies that has a bunch of different domains parked on top of it, and then the webmaster submits each domain as if it's a separate site. I keep an eye out for these. Right now there are 3 people who seem to do this repeatedly, despite the fact that I never approve them.

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    Same here.
    I just deleted about 15 of these proxies so far.
    And still, today I see I got more submissions and when I review them, I bet most if not all will be the same thing.

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