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Thread: [WTA] A lot link proxy list in FOOTER

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    Question [WTA] A lot link proxy list in FOOTER


    I see a lot of web proxy, there are a lot link (proxy list, more than 40 links) in his footer and use Google Adsense for ads.

    Whether use a lot links in footer, violate Google's TOS?

    I hope someone can answer my question...

    PS: If there is a similar thread, please tell me. I will close this thread or ask for moderators delete this thread.

    I am sorry, my english no good.
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    It isn't against the TOS to have a lot of links on the same page as adsense ads.

    It would be a bit hypocritical of them if they said they only want ads on pages with content and less outgoing links when you consider their search engine is no content and all outgoing links.


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