what to sell proxy that was launched in april 2010.
got an average of 20K visits per month since august 2010
80k visits since launch
unique theme, custom built
runs on phproxy, all configured
blocked most spam countries
top traffic from US and Western Europe
almost no advertising, spread by word of mouth mostly, with advertising possibly 40k visits per month

use only adbrite, make about 30usd a month
google adsense is blocked because of some rule only google knows about? no clue why

The domain name is where the money is
Est. worth of frostsurf.com is USD 11482.9 according to websiteoutlook.com and website-worth.org
as of this post Alexa traffic rank is 209746

also comes with my proxy list site, both are on the same host.

will provide google analytics if requested
check it out at Frostsurf.com-- Fast, Safe, and Secure Proxy
pm for more info
will only sell if your offer meets my target price