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Thread: 404 Redirection WordPress Plugin

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    404 Redirection WordPress Plugin

    Just found this today and said, wow! I need this!
    Simple plugin install, hit activate, and bam!

    Permanently redirect all 404's to the main blog URL. The primary purpose is to salvage Google PageRank (TM) from missing pages.

    WordPress › 404 Redirection WordPress Plugins

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    It seems to be interesting,
    I install it for my blog. Thanks dear.

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    It should be good for redirecting users to the home page, but if a status code 404 is generated it will not pass PageRank to the home page. It takes a 301 status code to do that.
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    Why does everything have to do with page rank?

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    This is a great plugin I have been using it from Sept. When Dawg first posted it.

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