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Thread: Which Blogging software do you consider good after wordpress ?

  1. Red face Which Blogging software do you consider good after wordpress ?

    There are blogging softwares other than wordpress too. I know that wordpress will be your first choice. But which will you consider the second typepad, drupal ????
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  2. I have only used WordPress with my blogs.

    People say Joomla is quite good I have heard.

    I think Gaya will be the best person to answer this.
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    Joomla seems to be good, and supports TONS of plugins. I tried it once, however the admin interface is not as intuitive as Wordpress.

    I actually custom designed the software that runs my site and blog. The Admin tools are built directly into the site. I hope to release it OpenSource soon (Gotta remove a few "Internal" items and build an installer). I placed a screenshot below.

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    Personally I would only ever want to use wordpress. It is just the best, no contest.

    Blogspot = No.
    I personally find it really annoying to leave comments, and, as IMO comments are one of the most important parts of the blog, it seems stupid to sacrifice that

    Typepad = No.
    It costs! Simple as that, WP is free and I enjoy using it, so why would I pay?!

    Others = no.
    Don't know enough about them

  5. Its true wordpress is the best. Just wanted to know which be the next choice.
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    I know wordpress is the best, and i have one blog but not paid wordpress, it's free wordpress, so i can't use it as MMO blog.
    It's better than blogspot, since there is many integrated/easy install plug-in which blogspot not have it --> read more system, comments box, askimet, etc...
    Yeah, even i'm not often use this wordpress blog.

    But for the second choice, i will prefer blogspot. I just already love it, since i'm already use it for long time. And also, all of my blog (except 1 wordpress blog) is blogspot. Blogspot have no askimet, comments box integrated, but it's OK since with some editing in HTML structure, we can do it.

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    Wew... I do want to choose blogspot but it seem this lately I always get low run entering my blogspot. It's almost more then a month since I left my blogspot. I love wordpress and now I'm considering to upgrade it..

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