Just a reminder about all the bad Wordpress themes that are being given away and why you need to be careful where you get your WP themes from.

Here's a good example of one site who have been caught out distributing WP themes with hidden tracking codes to monitor every person who visits a site using one of their themes. The tracking server went offline and every one using the bugged themes started getting errors on their sites.

Wordpress user: Be careful where you get your theme from

Wordpress themes are not just design templates, they contain PHP code and must be validated before use. Not only because of bugs, but some may contain malicious code in there. Specially if you download from random web sites and not from Wordpress.org (not saying that every theme at Wordpress.org is safe).

One example popped this week, regarding the themes from http://hirewordpressexperts.com/. They added some hidden code inside their themes to track which sites are using them (and track the users as well).

However, their tracking server went offline and every site using it got this error on the sidebar.

My recommendation is to do not use any theme from hirewordpressexperts.com and always double check any theme you decide to use.

Some discussion here as well about them: