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Thread: Category and sub-category naming schemes

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    Question Category and sub-category naming schemes

    Hey guys,

    In your opinion/experience, which of these is the better category and sub-category naming scheme, and why?:

    - Online Games
    - Downloadable Games

    - Online
    - Downloadable

    In other words, is it better to "double up" or use "adjective only" in the sub-category name?

    Please note that, in my case at least, only the top category will appear in the URL (permalink).

    Thanks for any advice.

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    It should make sense to the user ofcourse, having a keyword within it is a +ve way to go about SEO for it.

    I'd highly prefer 'Online Games' over just 'Online', name them keeping in mind that the user will just read the name of that particular sub-category and try to make sense out of it.

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    Thanks for your input. Nice Calvin avatar.

    I wonder if anyone else has an opinion... ?

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    I would say have it makes sense to the user. For example, on my My Brute Game Guide every single category has the word My Brute in it. Why? Because that is what the site is about!

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    I think it depends on the context. Sometimes you don't need to repeat the parent category name but sometimes you need it to make sense.

    Try go through dmoz and yahoo categories. You will find both approaches

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