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Thread: Changing my Wordpress permalinks

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    Question Changing my Wordpress permalinks

    I've come up with a bit of a problem. I've decided I want to change how wordpress does my permalinks, but I already have quite a few posts setup and indexed in Google.

    The way they are currently set up is:
    I want them to just be:
    If I change it in wordpress right now will Google just reindex them correctly and remove the old? Or will I have a bunch of pages with no content on them?


    Nevermind...I answered my own question by just trying it. If you change your permalink structure on wordpress then wordpress will just redirect the old links to the new links.

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    Yeah a lot of seo-minded stuff is in the wordpress core now. If it wasn't you would have been able to find a plugin for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LogicFlux View Post
    Yeah a lot of seo-minded stuff is in the wordpress core now. If it wasn't you would have been able to find a plugin for it.
    lol...very true. WordPress has actually impressed me with the amount of new features they're adding every month or so. It's becoming the dominate blogging platform.

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    Wordpress has become dominant pretty much because they have added the flexibility that SEO requires. Either that or some of their community jump in and do it for them....hehe.

    Yeah the redirects work pretty well.

    One thing bad about working on the dominant platform is that you ARE the most likely platform that will get hacked...

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    I've decided to change the format of my permalinks and realized that if you change the post slug then you will get 301 redirected if you try to access the old one. However, if you change the permalink format, the url using the old format will still be accessible and you won't be redirected.
    This is bad because now you're splitting PR between the pages and one could be seen as duplicate content(probably the new one).

    Using the Permalinks Migration Plugin fixes it. Go to settings->PermalinksMigration and put the old format in.

    I'm still running v2.5 on said blog, BTW, in case it's really been added to the core since 2.5.

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