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Thread: converting html site to wordpress

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    converting html site to wordpress

    I've been thinking about converting a couple of html sites to wordpress.

    One question - it would be good if I could replicate existing urls without having to redirect everything.

    In permalinks I can use something like %category%/%postname%.php which seems like it would work - at least it adds .php on the end OK, but wordpress say 'Starting Permalinks with %category% is strongly not recommended for performance reasons.' They also say the same about tags.

    Current urls are all like www.sitename. com/directory/filename. php

    Is there a better / different way of achieving the same goal?


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    why don't you just add the html pages as posts or wordpress pages

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    Well, I want to add them as posts - but if possible I want them to have exactly the same urls as they already have in the html site without doing hundreds of redirects.

    For files that are currently like I am not sure how to do the settings in wordpress so they can stay the same. I think that using permalinks like %category%/%postname%.php could work if I set the category to be the same as the current html directory, but wordpress say that will slow things down.

    Perhaps I need to test things a bit more...

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    doubt it doing any harm. anyway, give it a shot

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    That's what I'm thinking is the best solution - but I wonder why wordpress say it causes performance to be worse? And if they mean a big problem or a tiny problem...

    I'm also wondering about using the 'advanced permalink' option to get round it, or maybe the wp-cache plugin which sounds like it would help.

    But if they don't help I think I will just take my chances with the %category%... permalink.

    In any case I'll try with a small site first and see how it goes.

  6. but I wonder why wordpress say it causes performance to be worse?
    where does it say? i don't think so..

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    WordPress › Support Using "category" to start permalinks


    Using Permalinks WordPress Codex (about a third of the way down the page)

    and with google's forthcoming focus on 'page load speed' I wouldn't want to do anything that will slow things down...

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