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Thread: Free Themes? Why?

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    Some themes are really nice.

  2. People rarely give away free stuff on the web out of the kindness of their heart. There is always an ulterior motive, and usually it's to generate sales or backlinks. Nothing wrong with this but I'm just saying...

    P.S. Watch out using free themes because yes, there are a lot of malicious people out there just trying to hack sites!

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    Sorry, but lots of people, and lots of companies, give away free stuff every day on the internet.

    True, there is a reason, usually for traffic!

    Now the free WP themes?
    I avoid and I always tell people, avoid any theme that encrypts the header and/or footer!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Mike Dammann View Post
    Some of those themes are also very niche, e.g. casino themes or real estate themes.

    So having 1,000s of users and using a niche related website in the footer should get some targeted traffic directly.
    On the face of it that is an excellent idea, but as topdogger pointed out in post panda with no control over what sites the links are distributed on could do more harm than good.

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    Because usually, free themes are sponsored by the websites linked in the footer. I haven't seen many wordpress themes with a link to the designer only. Most of them have 3-4 links to different websites.

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    with no control over what sites the links are distributed on could do more harm than good
    It's easy to get control of the links by distributing code that requests the linking code from a link server. So in the theme/template there is a PHP (CURL / file_get_contents) request to the remote server for some HTML content to insert. Initially, this content may be blank or even the request doesn't occur until weeks later to avoid detection.

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