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Thread: Google XML Sitemaps plugin wont upgrade :D why?

  1. Google XML Sitemaps plugin wont upgrade :D why?

    this is the error it displays when it unsuccessfully upgrade :d
    can you tell me whats wrong please ?

    Downloading update from
    Unpacking the update.
    Could not copy file /public_html/wp-content/upgrade/google-sitemap-generator.tmp/google-sitemap-generator/documentation.txt

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    hmm shouldn't it be

    /public_html/wp-content/upgrade/google-sitemap-generator/documentation.txt ??

    without google-sitemap-generator.tmp

  3. what does it mean?
    have i accidentally deleted it?

    if so how can i get it?

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    That's weird you're getting this issue, I've never seen or heard of it happening before... maybe try deleting the plug-in and download it again, then re-upload the latest version and activate that way?

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    Yeah I would just deactivate the plugin, delete it, and then install the latest version of it.

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    Or you can just copy the update over the top of the old one.. that is what I did and it works fine.

    I've had no luck with auto upgrades since the upgrade to WP2.9

    I also had to fix the auto posting for scheduled posts also by editing a file.

    Hopefully 2.9.1 wont be far off.


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    A lot of auto updates stopped working for me around version 2.8.2. I now do all the updates via FTP.
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    WP2.9.1 was just released.. happy upgrading.


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