I was recently trying to figure out how to hide a post. I just didn't want it to show up in the Recent Posts listing or ideally in the category listing. The first time I edited the time it was posted and made it the earliest post of all the 20 posts so it didn't show up in Recent. Good enough for now, but somone can still find it if they searched for it.

Then I had another need to do this, so I needed a better solution. I came across the Category Visbility Plugin - http://www.ipeat.com/?page_id=91.

I have not installed this (yet - I will tonight), but if it works it looks good. I can create a category and then post under that category and it won't show on the various pages that it normally does. For example, maybe I want to run a special JV promotion where I'm charging less for my partners. I can put up a separate post with whatever alternate content I want (cheaper price, extra content, etc) and then just pass that link out to my JVers. That way the casual blogger won't run across it.

Just wondering if anyone has tried this or any other plugin that will hide posts and/or categories. I can think of lots of uses for this so I want one that works and works well.