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Thread: How to change Wordpress Theme

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    How to change Wordpress Theme


    Acctually I like my Wordpress Theme but I just want to change the Title name design of it. The question is how to change the 'Design' of the Title?

    Here's the design.
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  2. Take a look at the page source code:
    			<h1 id="site-title">
    						<a href="" title="" rel="home"></a>
    Your title is in the h1 tag. So, if you want to change how it looks, either edit the properties of the h1 tag in your CSS or create a new tag and put your title in the new tag.
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    Remove the <span> tag from inside the <h1> tag, it is good to have less tags.
    Hence, the HTML code could be like:

    <h1 id="site-title">
    <a rel="home" title="" href="">
    And style to the title can be given via following CSS code:

    #site-title {
              /* Styling code here */
    #site-title a {
              /* Styling code here */
    I hope this helps.

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