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Thread: how to degrade wordpress?

  1. how to degrade wordpress?

    the theme i've chosen isn't compatible with 2.8 and its only compatible for 2.7.
    that's why i'm trying to degrade this buthave no idea, anyone please?

    i'mrecievingthis error because of it.
    Warning:  call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, 'nofollow_archives' was given in /home/cebutrav/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 166

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    Are you really sure you don't want to search for another theme?

    Version 2.7 is quite old and not safe at all, you really should consider upgrading it mostly for security reasons.

  3. searching another theme to fit for my niche is getting difficult but still an option.
    how much dyou think should i pay for someone who can edit the theme to work well?

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    I don't think that the error you're getting is really that hard to fix, after all the rest of the site is working properly.

    Are you sure that you don't have any plugin there that's outdated and got de-activated during the upgrade?

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    Looks like that error has something to do with a plugin being incompatible, not sure though.
    I agree with Shenron on this one, i.e. its better to search for another Theme rather than Downgrading WP.

  6. youre right i disable the Vibe SEO Pack and replace it with All in One SEO Pack plugin and it works fine now. thanks for the replies.

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