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Thread: How To Start A Blog On WordPress?

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    Question How To Start A Blog On WordPress?


    How To Start A Blog On WordPress? - This may be a very easy thing for most of us. But I recently got a mail from a someone who wants to join the world of blogging.

    So instead, of just mailing him, I decided to make this into a post.

    I am ging to talk of the simplest way.

    1. Firstly, you have to think of a domain name and get a web host. I recommend WPWebHost.
    2. If you choose WPWebHost you will automatically have a WP blog installed.
    3. Then simply go into the WP-Admin and get started!
    4. If you choose another host then you will have to manually install WordPress or just go into your cPanel and chose Fantastisco and install WordPress in 1 click.

    Hope this helps someone.

    PS. I took this from the other thread - Use the coupon 'WMP' and get a flat 30% off.

  2. Yeah, many newbies do not know how to start off with WP.
    After all, all of us are new at first.

    And yes, use he coupon 'WMP' and get 30% off with WPWebHost. (Just a note by using the coupon I do not get any affiliate sale, so please do not think I am promoting it for that reason.

    PS> You had repeated the first para twice so i edited your post, hope you don't mind.
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