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Thread: How to stop google...

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    ha ha
    Anyone who is searching Google images is not looking for products or services. They are simply looking for images to use.
    That's my usage case.

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    What percentage of people who search for and click on your image also click the link to go to your site?
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    Let me explain this situation....
    Someone searches google images for whatever.
    from 25 to 100 pictures will pop up on the search.
    Meaning each one is getting a hit.
    Even if the searcher does not click on any of them.

    I am still drilling down closer to find out what is actually happening.
    I do know so far, that it is not an image of mine hotlinked at some site, blog or forum causing all these hits.

    So naming a picture and having someone search and find that picture does not mean they will come to my site.

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    Almost everyone searching Google Images is looking for images to steal. Only they do not know that they are stealing them because Google stole them without the site owner's knowledge or permission, and Google does nothing to let people know that. Everyone I know who uses Google Images thinks they are free images offered by Google. Google seems to think they are free images offered by site owners.

    I am really surprised by the number of people who think they are getting useful traffic from Google Images.
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    The only good thing that I can see is if you take the time to brand your website logo on the image. I have, but not often typed in a site from a branded image that was shared.

    Google Images is really a joke IMO.

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    Here are three possible ways to block Google image bot via mod_security. This method does not leave Google on the honor system and forces the server security rules to reject the requests.

    This blocks it from accessing a specific absolute path to a directory:

    <Directory "path/to/images">
    SecRule REQUEST_HEADERS:User-Agent "@pm Googlebot-Image" "deny,status:403,id:1234123764"
    This uses a regular expression to block it from any directory named images:

    <DirectoryMatch "^/images/">
    SecRule REQUEST_HEADERS:User-Agent "@pm Googlebot-Image" "deny,status:403,id:1234123764"
    This would bock it from everything:

    SecRule HTTP_User-Agent Googlebot-Image "id:1234123500"
    You might have to change the rule ID if the server already has a rule with the same ID. If your host does not allow you to add mod_security rules via .htaccess, ask them to add this to the server configuration. If they don't use mod_security, find a new host because web servers aren't safe without it.

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