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Thread: How to stop google...

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    How to stop google...

    Okay, finally found out why one blog is now getting like 5,000 visits per day.
    It is google and google grabbing images.
    So when people search google images?
    I get burned with visits that are not visits really.

    So, how do I stop google from grabbing my images, and any way to get the images they have removed?

    And stopping those people who search images at google?

    Or should I be damn happy that google loves my images?

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    I block the Google image spider on all of my sites. I have never believed that it delivers legitimate traffic. It only delivers image thieves.

    You have a couple of choices using the robots.txt file

    1. Block your images directories. If you use the image uploader with WordPress, add the following to your wildcard User-agent record and, if you use one, the User-agent: Googlebot record:

    Disallow: /wp-

    Some people use:

    Disallow: /wp-content

    2. For other sites add this to the robots.txt file. It needs to be separate from your other User-agent records.

    User-agent: Googlebot-Image
    Disallow: /

    It may take a month or so, but Google will stop indexing your images.
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    Number 2, robots.txt, I understand.
    Do not have one, but created one now and will load up shortly.

    Number 1, I have not a clue about exactly you said.
    Can you explain better for me?

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    You should be using a robots.txt file with a WordPress site. In the robots.txt file, a record is a group of Disallow statements following a User-agent declaration. Records are separated by a blank line. I use the following in a robots.txt in a WordPress site.

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /author/
    Disallow: /images/
    Disallow: /xmlrpc.php
    Disallow: /wp-

    The * is a wildcard, which means it applies to all spiders that follow the robots.txt file rules.

    You only need to include the /images/ directory if you use an FTP utility to move image files to a directory using that name.

    Excluding the author directory is optional. I do it because the author page reveals the login username. I also eliminate all internal links to that page.

    All you really need is the following. This theoretically blocks all the files and directories that spiders sometimes mistakenly index with WordPress. It includes uploaded images because they are typically in the /wp-content/uploads/ directory, which is blocked by Disallow: /wp-

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /xmlrpc.php
    Disallow: /wp-

    Or if you just want to block the Google image spider and nothing else, you use version 2. This specifically tells the Google image bot to go somewhere else to play.

    User-agent: Googlebot-Image
    Disallow: /

    You do not need all of these. Just pick one. Do not use a word processor to edit the robots.txt file. Use a pure text editor like Notepad.
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    Thank you for your help.
    I took the last option just to stop the google image bot.

    Will see in the coming weeks how this goes.

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    Ha...someone told me this....
    Not to name my pictures.
    Instead use characters like grbluu73a.
    As no one searches for such.
    And google will cache them as you name it.

    So will start that tomorrow and see how that evolves.

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    This must be old school and is no longer worth a hoot. I was told to name your pic to help add keywords to the page along with the alt. IMO I would not name a pic grbluu73a. Block the Googlebot-Image bot but use the keywords for help even if it is long tail.

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    I do not believe so.
    Look at all your news sites, your big major blogs and sites.
    See how they show pictures.
    All to hide those pictures as much as possible from google and other search engines.
    Because those pictures in most cases belong to the photographer and/or the news site.

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    You can get visitor traffic from Google Image search since they display a link to the host website. For SEO, I use keywords in the image name and alt tag as Sami mentioned since images in the top results do contain keywords in the image name. Another factor is image dimensions.

    So part of my SEO strategy for a site was to use a large header graphic named with my keyword. And also make the image relevant to the keyword of course, so that it is not black flagged.

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    IMHO, traffic is useless if they are not looking for what you offer. Anyone who is searching Google images is not looking for products or services. They are simply looking for images to use.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin

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