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Thread: How to upgrade from 2.3?

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    How to upgrade from 2.3?

    I need to upgrate a site that is currently running Wordpress 2.3 to the latest version. How to do that? Do I just overwrite the old files with the new (like I did so far with newer versions), or there is another way?


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    The best way imho:

    Backup the database using phpmyadmin
    Backup your entire public_html folder

    Read it again 100 times as people tend to "pass" this part...

    Delete all your files except wp_content folder and wp_config.php (and maybe other custom files you might have like .htaccess and sitemaps)

    Upload the latest wordpress version (don't upload wp_config.php and wp_config folder)

    Upgrade all your wordpress plugins

    Go to and upgrade the database


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    What I actually only need from this current website are the articles. Can I just upload the latest Wordpress, install it, and just import the old database? Will it work?

    To save all the hassle...

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    You can try, but then I suggest you drop all the tables after install is complete, then import the old database and go to wp-admin so wordpress can do the database upgrade itself.

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