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    I've received a few angry emails from users that the code posted in this thread doesn't allow them to use the "back" button after they come to my site. So, I tested it myself and found that it is indeed very hard to go back to the image search after coming to the site as the code keeps breaking the frame and bringing you back to the site. This is obviously very annoying for the user and diminishes the user experience.

    The following code however breaks the frame AND allows the user to hit the back button normally. I've tested it and it works like a charm

    <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
    if (top.location != self.location) 

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    Don't forget that if you want traffic from google images, you will need to play with keywords on those images.
    It seems obvious for some, but let's say you have a site selling Sony laptops, don't call your laptop images like 'photo1.jpg' or 'DSC001.jpg'. Instead go for 'sony-laptop-vgn-n3135e.jpg' and don't forget the "alt" tag as well...
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  3. will this work in blogspot too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatthehell View Post
    will this work in blogspot too?
    I think it does...

  5. Oh that is why from the past few months most of the times when I clicked on the Images that across in Google Seacrh, I was redirected directly to the website without seeing the iframe and on some other occasions I could see the iframes. i was really confused. Now I will surely apply to my site also

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