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Thread: Images in Posts.

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    Images in Posts.

    Whenever I add an image to any post the image takes the entire width of that section leaving no place for text and text continues to be shown below the image.

    i.e. The width of my 'post box'(or whatever you call it) is 500px(remaining is for the sidebar). If in a post, i place an image of width 200px, the remaining 300 px to the right is plain white. I want to see text there(the article text should be continued from the side and not below the image), can any specific plugin be used for this purpose?
    Let me know if you are not able to understand what i'm trying to say.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I can more likely be able to help you if I can see the problem live. if you want to keep it private you can PM me

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    Well nothing private as such, here's the image.

    As shown i need the text to be shown to the right of that image. The image is outlined in black.
    Any help would be appreciated. I'm unsure if a plugin will do or i'll have to do some changes to the stylesheet.

    P.S. My 'paint' skills are pathetic. Hope you'll understand what i'm trying to say.

  4. But open your post by clicking on edit button than click on your image and click on image option . After clicking image setting option you will find new tab and their you can decide image position . Select left hand side and click on update button . After that you text will come on right side of your post . Check the image below .

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    Thanks. Will try it now.

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    Thanks a bunch mate. That did the trick. I always used to assign the value as 'center'. Thanks again

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    Awesome, I didn't know this either! Does someone know how we can do that for Google Ads? Like on the Tech-Faq homepage?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    you just need to float the image to the left. well I'm glad you got it fixed. if you seek more help don't hesitate to ask

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